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Do you need a Arizona Marijuana Caregiver? 

AzGrowPro has Az marijuana caregivers with award winning strains from Europe and California's finest, ready to provide assistance to qualified patients. We can help PAY$$ YOUR APPLICATION FEES if you are unable and help to keep care costs within your means. Patients are still able to utilize dispensaries if they have a named caregiver, although the dispensaries will be much more expensive$!

If you are in need of a qualified caregiver please contact us before filling out the online application. 1-800-865-AZGROW(2947),
Fill application here.

AzGrowPro is a service based company designed to educate and prepare our clients for success right from the start. We provide all crucial services to assist with what can be the most lucrative, and rewarding career/hobby you will ever have. We are comprised of a network of experienced experts in a variety of fields relating to medical marijuana, hydroponics, soil gardening, and construction industries. This includes but is not limited to caregivers and commercial growers, dispensary owners, edible experts, legal consultants, insurance specialists, electricians, general contractors, CAD drafters, and the necessary HVAC people needed for our lovely (HOT!) state. Our mission is to ensure our customers get access to all information and services needed for their immediate and continued success.

Fully bonded and insured.
Criminal background checks on all employees and in home service people .
100% Client confidentiality.
Toll free phone service.
Anonymous consulting and payment services through PayPal.
VIDEO conferencing for consulting, checks ups and troubleshooting.

Please complete our free questionnaire form and review our list of services. The expense of starting up a grow operation can easily be justified by YOUR SUCCESS! AzGrowPro can help ensure that happens with a customized approach to your needs.

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First Name or Alias*: Last Name: Email Address*: Phone Number:
Do you possess or are you pending approval for a medical marijuana card authorizing you to be a patient or caregiver per Az law?
(If not please skip down to question 7 as we can help with only general gardening information. We do not provide any advice or services for illegal purposes. )
Are you new to growing marijuana?
Do you want to grow indoors/outdoors?
Do want to grow in soil or hydroponics?
(There are advantages and downfalls to each. We can help you to decide what suites your needs!)
How much space do you have available and do you wish to maximize it per state guidelines?
Are you familiar, cloning (cuttings), mother plants, and vegetive and flowering light cycles?
There is a requirement for two spaces!
Do you own grow equipment?
Do you have purified or RO (reverse osmosis) water available?

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