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Medical Marijuana

AzGrowPro has Az marijuana caregivers with award winning strains from Europe and California's finest, ready to provide assistance to qualified patients. We can help PAY$$ YOUR APPLICATION FEES if you are unable and help to keep care costs within your means. Patients are still able to utilize dispensaries if they have a named caregiver, although the dispensaries will be much more expensive$!

Please complete the form that applies to you, or both if you have a dual interest. We can help get you to doctors if you still need your recommendations also. We work very closely with anyone wanting to be a caregiver within our network to ensure production, quality, and variety of medication. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are happy to walk you through the application forms online also.

You need to name a caregiver at the time you apply so please contact us first to connect you with the right person for your needs! 1-800-865-AZGROW(2947)

Patient Questionnaire Form:





*We do not require your phone number but it can make correspondence more efficient if you're in any kind of hurry.

Do you already have your Dr. recommendation for medical marijuana in AZ?
If yes, then have you submitted your paperwork online for approval yet?
If no, do you need a reputable Dr. for us to refer you to?
Are you looking to cultivate yourself?
Do you have a caregiver?
Do you need a qualified individual in your area, certified by our network to provide your care?
Are you in urgent need of medication?
Can you please tell us what symptoms you are looking to relieve?
Any additional details:


Caregiver Questionnaire Form:





*We do not require your phone number but it can make correspondence more efficient if you're in any kind of hurry.

What would your timeline be to begin production if we can refer patients over to you?

Do you already own grow equipment?

What is your budget for equipment if you do not? 

Do you already have patients approved for the AZ medical marijuana program?
The patients have to name you at the time they submit their application as their caregiver, and you will need their application number
Would you like us to assist in locating you patients? 
Do you have a home/facility to cultivate in?
How much space to you available in sq. ft?
Any additional details about the space or facility:
Do you have access to strains of medication within AZ? 
Have you grown before? 
Have you grown before (details):

Any details of your knowledge and history are greatly appreciated so we can link you with patients quickly: Many patients are in need of immediate care and must go to the most qualified individuals.

Any questions or comments:


AzGrowPro will have contact information for all dispensaries as well as their medical selections. We will be working with laboratories, dispensaries and caregivers to provide accurate testing of THC, CBD, and CBN levels of their medications. These levels are key to determining potency as well as symptom relieve for patients.

We offer consulting and services in the following areas:

Compliance/Legal- AzGrowPro will help to ensure you stay within state guidelines and can refer you to experienced, reputable attorneys within our network. We also work many CA based dispensary consultants with proven track records of success.

Grow methods- Soil, Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouses, Supercropping, Autoflowering, Sea-of-green, we'll develop a plan for success designed around your goals and budget.

Equipment- Discounts, options and pricing, Highly efficient set ups, deliveries. Design- Complete designs and set-ups, plans and CAD drawing available with electrical and HVAC requirements. Logical layouts to allow you 24 hr access! Intakes and exits for heat exhaust from lighting, and intakes and exits for AC/ventilation in all grow spaces. Closets can easily cook your plants in AZ so talk to the pros!

Automation - More than just timer basics, trick to keeping levels stable and things running smoothly in your absence!

Strain selection- All plants are not created alike. THC, CBD, CBN levels all influence a medication's effect. Getting past the names and helping select strains for your needs, and production goals in mind.

Fertilizer- Basics, feed schedules, ppm/TDS/ph, getting past the marketing to the actual products! What really works!

Cycling/crop turning- Techniques to keep a steady flow of medication to you and your patients.

Mother plants- Hydroponics vs soil, products that work, and techniques to ensure success.(TIP: fanning your plants a few days prior to taking cuttings will stiffen the stems and result in more rooted clones!)

Clones/cuttings/propagation- We can help you to root more every time! Keeping it within guidelines and keeping product steady can be tricky, letting the pros help can really pay off big.

Light cycles- Vegetive and flowering.12/16/18/24hrs a day, autoflowering??? Timer setups and tips to keep the lights on, and the power down during those unavoidable on-peak hours!

CO2 - Injection techniques, tanks, regulators and solenoids, CO2 generators, space estimations, measurements.

Pests and disease- Diagnose, treat, and eliminate your problems should they arise.

Odor control- Ozone, Carbon filters, and ventilating with no grow space air leaking.

Harvesting!- When, why, tips on how and timing with cloning cycles to stay in compliance!

Curing/drying- Just when you thought you were done! Talk to any grower and they will tell you this can be the trickiest and most frustrating part. Its easy to ruin or greatly diminish the quality of your hard work here.  Don't believe us? Don't wait until you have mold or crispy, dry buds to call!

Yield Maximizations- Getting the most within the guidelines, what supercropping can do for you! Timing of harvesting, and taking of cuttings must all synchronize. This is usually where most go out of the state guidelines. It's not usually intentional so beware or talk to the pros!

Edibles+ excess- Turning what could easily go wasted into tasty delights, hashes, and other potent, yummy products

We realize that many patients will be in need of caregivers depending on their abilities and restrictions for medical condition. Please fill out the contact form if you are a patient in need of a caregiver.